Michal Viewegh is a Czech novelist, playwright, screenwrite, and author of short stories and newspaper columns. Born on 31st March 1962 in Prague, he began his studies at the University of Economics, but he quit the school to work as a night guard, among other jobs. In 1988, Viewegh graduated from Charles University in Prague (majoring in Czech language and literature and pedagogy.) After completing the military service in 1989, he became a primary school teacher and then an editor in the Československý spisovatel publishing house.

Viewegh became a full-time writer in 1995. His books were published in numerous editions, selling more than one milion copies in the Czech Republic. His books have been translated into 23 languages; 9 succesful feature films have been made based on the author’s work. Three books have also been adapted for the stage.

Michal Viewegh was awarded the prestigious Jiří Orten Prize in 1993 (the best book written an author under the age of 30) and the Magnesia Litera Award in 2005 (the reader´s choice).


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